Saturday, February 28, 2009

Black Eyed Suzie

Wow after long hiatus I must apologize for being MIA for so long! I've been busy with "life" in general-- through a new job and losing 40lbs (and recording that on my other blog) I am going to attempt to be more regular on this blog!

Black Eyed Suzie creates the most ugly- beautiful dolls I've seen in a long time. The disheveled hair, bulgy sad eyes and stick thin figures make you just want to take em home and show them some love. The artist refers to her dolls as "Tattered Victorian Gothic" which I think explains them perfectly! Her 3 dimensional work reminds me much of the work of previously featured artist, Roadside Projects. Black Eyed Suzie will even custom create dolls to your specification (especially nice for slightly gothic special events like weddings). Chic Factor : 8.9

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