Tuesday, March 3, 2009

Graham Franciose

During my aforementioned sojourns to the impending doom of Z Gallerie I came across a painting I ADORED -- I kept my eye on this painting in the hopes of holding out long enough to strike an unbelievable bargain. To my dismay the painting sold well before it hit 40% off. However I researched the painting online and found the artist (to be disclosed on a later post). In my research I came across the fact that the artist is co-owner of an art gallery/ store down town Austin.I've found that researching artists often brings forth a rewarding trail for the avid blood hound. Since I loved this artist's work it's only natural that I would love most of the artists that artist loves. In other words it's a big family tree of aesthics inbreeding in the artistic gene pool. So with that being said-- through the artist I researched I found Graham Franciose's work. It's childlike and lovely with it's juxtaposition of sketch vs oil and acrylic.
Franciose states that his work evoles as he creates it -- he never does thumbnails-- this speaks to me because as an artist I'm very much the same way-- if I plan it out completely it turns out looking like junk becuase I rely more on my precieved final work (which incidently never matches initial expectation) rather than relying on emotion and working organically.

Anyway-- I hope you enjoy his work as much as I do! Chic Factor 9.6


Grahamf said...

hello there, thanks for your interest in my work. It's always nice to hear what you are doing is making other people happy. I still have "The Provider" in my possession but I was going to send it to Art Whino in D.C. I have been showing with them for a while and my work has sold well there. If you are interested I won't send it. It is priced at $800. I am also planning on making some giclee prints in the future for a much more modest price. Thanks again-Graham Franciose

Glitzer said...

Wow I love the artwork! It is absolutely awesome! I love the color palette used, and the expression of the characters! Very nice!